Rose Buds and Hydrangeas: The Inspiration that Creates some of our Favorite Dresses
Imagine: botanical gardens meet fashion, that’s what you get from Roopa Pemmaraju’s Indian Garden collection. Designed in New York and made in India, each silk dress is ethically made to perfection and constructed to be sustainable. To us, being environmentally conscious is key. Inspired by gardens full of rose buds, sunflowers, and hydrangeas in contrast with dark greens and leaf tones created for a life like botanical garden.


The Hydrangea Metallic Dress from the collection is one of the most popular, and one of our favorites, from the collection. The Hydrangea Dress’ namesake flower is a popular ornamental flower grown for its large flowerheads. This dress features a beautiful print of red Hydrangea flowers presented over a muted background. Allowing the colors to pop and create a truly eye-catching, luxury dress.

The Gentina Ruffle Skirt boasts an impeccable floral print that runs throughout the skirt, inspired from the deep red hues of the rose. A beloved flower around who’s red hue evokes feelings of love and seduction. What makes this a unique skirt is its cut. This silk skirt features a double layered ruffle hem with an asymmetric cut, really playing with the proportions of a traditional skirt.