Empowering Artisans:

Artisans form the core of our brand. Rather than creating “trend-led” garments and hiring labor to produce obscene amounts of clothing that cannot withstand the test of time, we choose to put the abilities of our artisans on display.

India has a long and storied tradition of textile creation and skilled craftsmanship. As a brand, we want to help preserve these traditions by making them the focus of our designs and supporting their creators. For us, our artisans are not just a means for creating garments, but rather, the core of our brand.

We employ a group of artisans full-time at our atelier and partner with a large network of artisans across India. We want to help ensure that the traditions that have shaped India’s textile industry for centuries do not fall victim to globalisation and the excessive consumption of fashion. Click here to meet our artisans.

Our atelier is a space for artisans with many different skills and techniques to collaborate on our garments. Our atelier is clean and safe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ensuring that all of our artisans are receiving proper amounts of face masks and gloves. The wellbeing of our artisans is extremely important to us.

Environmental Impact:

Currently, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The production of clothing results in huge CO2 emissions, excessive water usage and toxic chemical run-off, to name a few consumers. Moreover, the speed and level of consumption results in extreme clothing waste and landfills.

To combat these impacts, we believe in using techniques that minimize our environmental impact and creating garments that are made to last. We strive to reduce our impact at every level of creation in the life cycle of a garment, from the fabric to the final product. Woven to life with natural fibers, we ensure that the material makes the smallest environmental impact as possible: opting to use recycled materials to allow our fabric to have another life and stay out of the landfill. We invest in hand weaving techniques to reduce CO2 emissions, use digital printing, hand dyeing [LINK] and block printing to reduce water usage and chemical run off.

After our fabric is created, we cut every garment to order, ensuring that we do not create fabric waste. Every piece is created specifically for you: we never mass produce or hold inventory. This means that there are longer wait times for our garments than fast fashion stores. We are consciously “slow” fashion, using a made-to-order model to ensure that we never waste or rush our artisans. Beautiful garments take time.

Our garments are specifically designed out of durable materials and in timeless silhouettes. While they are modern, they do not follow any particular trend or fad and are built to stand the test of time. Because our styles do not date, we choose not to put our items on sale.

We strongly believe that in order to best preserve the beauties of our planet, we must be conscious about every step of our creation. It is not enough to recycle garments and off-set CO2 emissions, every step must be evaluated and challenged to honor the needs of the earth.