Animal Print Silk Bucket Hat




Designed in New York and ethically hand crafted in our Bengaluru Atelier. The Animal Print Silk Bucket Hat from the Night Bloom collection showcases the colors and imagery of a garden that blooms in the dark. Part of our new line of bucket hats are hand cut and lined with silk. Roopa Pemmaraju’s Night Bloom utilizes a more subdued color palette with blues, pinks, and purples expertly juxtaposed over a black background. The animal print hat is hand quilted with a beautiful animal print, focusing on the flora and fauna of a garden that blooms in the dark, that runs throughout the bucket hat. Our bucket hats are constructed form the finest silks, locally sourced to help support local farmers and mill workers and hand crafted to help support the skilled artisans in our atelier.


 Product details:

  • Composition: 100% silk 
  • 100% Silk lining
  • Hand wash in cold water 
  • Designed in New York, Made in India
  • Delivery 4-6 weeks

The construction process is slow with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Allowing our skilled craftspeople to create a piece of wearable art through these processes that date back centuries. We use centuries old techniques that have stood the test of time to create our unique products. These include hand embroidery, hand dying, brocade weaving, and hand block printing. These processes are carbon neutral and minimize the amount of waste, pollution, and water we use. We want to lessen the impact on the environment caused by the garment industry while supporting skilled artisans and allowing them to pass their craft to the next generation, so these traditions are not lost to time and can continue to be enjoyed. The pink metallic dress is custom made and created with the wearer’s measurements, creating a deeply personal piece or an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. Shop the animal print bucket hat on our website now and discover more from Roopa Pemmaraju.