Hand-embroidered Face Mask




Designed in the USA and sustainably handcrafted in our Bengaluru atelier. The Hand-embroidered Face Mask is one of our best-selling masks and one of the first from our face mask line. This embroidered face mask has been featured in the publications of Vogue, Who What Wear, and Slate. This mask was designed in the USA using archive prints and patterns, then is sustainably hand embroidered in our Bengaluru, India atelier.

Each embroidered mask is triple-layered for the wearer’s protection and features delicately hand-adorned imagery, carefully stitched using silk thread, glass and colored beads. Proceeds from each mask sale go directly back to supporting the artisans. Helping them these difficult times, allowing them to feed their families, have a roof over their heads, and give their children the opportunity to go to school. This embroidered mask is cut from the finest silks, giving this mask a soft, breathable, and most importantly luxury feel. India has a long history of cotton and silk production, and this is something we try to showcase in each collection through the use of locally sourced fabrics.

Through our mask collection our hand quilted and embroidered face masks have allowed us to support not only our team of artisans in our atelier but also digital printers and cotton farmers in the Bangalore region. As seeing the community succeed is the most important to us and our brand mission is to support artisans and help the planet. The Hand-embroidered Face Mask is one of the many embroidered face masks for sale on our website.

Note: There is an opening in the mask to insert a filter. Please hand wash with cold water and soap. Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. There are no refunds or returns for face masks.